Thursday, May 24, 2007

Damn the sniffles

Well, thank god for France's amazing medical system... came down with a terrible cold this week (8 days from going into the studio). My nose is plugged, my throat is raw, my head is pounding, my joints ache... ack! Nothing like having a jazz album where the singer doesn't actually pronounce any of the words... yes: now folks that immortal classic: 'I'be Got You Udder My Skid'... So, I headed for my local drug purveyor, then strolled into the pharmacy and walked out with a plastic bag full of drugs... anti-inflammatorys, anti-biotics, nasal thingys, throat thingys, pain killers, sleeping tablets..(I swear to god I didn't ask for more than a simple anti-biotic).... She kind of went over the top when I told her I was doing a recording next week... even the Pharmacist was impressed with the list. I have a feeling most of this stuff will languish in my bathroom, but it kind of feels nice to know it's there... Thank the lord for socialised medicine..

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Frozen Fish

Headed to the open galleries on the left bank at the Frigos (the old industrial refrigeration building). It's a strange building: squatted since the 70's and filled with creative people but with an odd intense atmostphere from the incredible heavy architecture of immense concrete walls and dark hallways covered in graffiti.

A lot of the work is typically 'squat' semi-anarchist kind of ok stuff but there were a few highlights. These fish must have been eight feet high and filled the walls of one studio. They were amazing!