Thursday, February 12, 2009


Our Barn in Burgundy got beaten by the windstorms in France on Monday. 130 mile an hour winds across the central region. Normally the little town is in a valley and seems to escape the winds, but this time no.

The damage is bad enough, but what the photos don't show is that the roof and those immense timbers are not lying beneath the open hole. They are about 100 meters away. The wind picked them up and threw up up and over our Barn and into the neighbours yard. Thankfully they fell in the yard and not on their house and so no-one was hurt.

I was in a panic driving down from Paris to see the damage, but something about the immensity of it (the entire village is missing rooftops and wood and tiles are scattered across the road) was kind of calming. I can't even pick up one of those roof beams. I can't even move it. Ridiculous amounts of power. Apart from clearing up a bit there was nothing much to do. The roofer came by and shook his head, the insurance is going to slowly work its way to offer us some solutions and by the time we see it again in the summer we hope it'll be looking more like its old self.

Monday, February 09, 2009