Sunday, May 16, 2010

Summer Plans

I'm on the road again! Well, almost... in June gonna start moving from Toronto to Victoria with a new cabaret show and also a jazz concert.

(and between you and me - both of the shows adapt to impromptu spaces like living rooms and gallery spaces and church basements ... so if you'd like me to detour over to your community or home or neighbourhood, just give me a shout and I'd love to head over and use it as a chance to meet up)

The Pig of Happiness is a cabaret about.... well, about being a pig for happiness...

here's the blurb - ‘To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.’ Elevate your spirit, kick-start your karma and become one with the Pig. A new show from cabaret singer Bremner Duthie. From Weill to Nirvana to Britney to Brel to Tom Waits. From a howl to a lullaby. “Seedy. Stirring. Utterly memorable. – Andrew Clover, Sunday Times, UK

And the Sky Was Blue is a new album of standards and re-imagined pop songs.

I like to say it's like a big old brass bed – a well pounded mattress of bouncy old jazz springs, a colourful quilt of pop twang, and a huge fluffy feather pillow of Sixties soul.

more information on both of them at

Some of the shows I'm doing this summer are still fixing dates and times, but here's a short list below.

I'll be in Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, B.C.

Ottawa, Ontario
Ottawa Fringe Festival - June 21 - 28
Laurier Royal Oak Pub
The Pig of Happiness,a cabaret

Wakefield, Quebec
Piggyback Festival - June 25 - 27th
'The Pig of Happiness', a cabaret

Swift Current, Saskatchewan
Chautauqua Festival - June 9 + 10
'Whiskey Bars'a kabarett with the songs of Kurt Weill

Toronto, Ontario
Annex Live Restaurant Cabaret, July 13th
Speak Low, the songs of Kurt Weill

Winnipeg, Manitoba
Winnipeg Fringe Festival - July 14 - 25
The Pig of Happiness, a cabaret

Winnipeg Manitoba
Centre Culturel Francopho Manitobann
Mardi-Jazz - July 20th, 2010, 8:30pm

Winnipeg, Manitoba
Mcnally-Robinson Bookstore July 24th
Saturday night Jazz at Prairie Inc.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Saskatoon Fringe Festival July 29 - Aug 7
The Pig of Happiness, a cabaret

Gabriola Island, British Columbia
Gabriola Theatre Festival, August 22nd
Whiskey Bars, a kabarett with the songs of Kurt Weill

Vancouver, British Columbia
Vancouver International Fringe Festival - Sep 9 - 19th
The Pig of Happiness, a cabaret