Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Is how I feel.

Starting a new tour in a few weeks. With a new show. And new songs. And I'm nervous. Very. But I shouldn't be. I have the help of wonderfully talented friends. The wise and thoughtful Robert Burns read the early layout in Paris and pushed and pulled the concept till it had some direction. Alex Morrison in Winnipeg gave me another perspective. The wonderful Dave Dawson of Black Sheep Theatre is directing the new piece. Chris Cody did an extraordinary job on the musical accompaniment. Tracy Darin kicked in the choreography and musical staging. Benjamin Lefebvre designed the poignant bowler hatted MC costume. The amazing Roxanna Bikadoroff is designing the Poster and image for the show. And of course Lisa made the whole thing worth doing (and kicked my butt when I almost gave up).

Lucky indeed!