Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Back in Paris, back to the web

Well, I'm back in Pareee. It feels great to be home after almost (no, wait, actually more than...) 6 months on the road. Such a pleasure to cook my own food and be surrounded by 'my stuff' and my music and my walls. The dog is snoring on the floor and all feels right with the world. And I'll be doing most of my blogging over on my site www.parislovesjazz.com.

I haven't been updating it for a while, but now that I'm back in the city of lights I figure it's time to hit the keyboard again. It's brought me some great friends and contacts and managed to work its way up to the top of Google's search engine listings for jazz in Paris. Not sure what that means - but it's kind of cool...

So drop by www.parislovesjazz.com and you'll probably get a good idea of where I've been this week, or my plans for the weekend - and if you're in town, then please join me