Sunday, December 07, 2008

Yes! Thanks Rick Mercer

Its been a while since I've seen Mercer so riled up about something. A great, succinct and passionate rant about the Gag order Harper served on parliament last week.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

How We Can Act

This was forwarded to me by the group - Department of Culture.

I think it expresses the possibilities for protest and action fairly well. After listening to Harper twist the truths so barefacedly in his national address, and after his attempt to ram a series of terribly Partisan measures through on the panic of a budgetary crisis I'm now convinced that he's an ideologue and a man governing in a profoundly un-canadian way. The thought that he believes he has the right to shut down Parliament for two months to avoid a non-confidence vote, which the constitution of Canada demands he be exposed to, is deeply shocking.

I'll be at the rally in Toronto on Dec 6th at Nathan Phillips Square - Hope I see you there...

As you are undoubtedly aware, this past week has brought unprecedented change to federal politics.

We believe the proposed NDP/Liberal Coalition government is a welcome change to the ideologically driven ultra-right wing policies that Harper represents. With a formal agreement from the Bloc Quebecois and the support of the Green Party, this government now represents 63% of Canadian voters. Meanwhile Harper is trying to use his millions in fundraising advantage and ignorance of parliamentary procedure to keep power.

He can be stopped and there are several things that we encourage you to do:

1. Email the Governor General
We need to flood the Governor General’s e-mail box with support for the coalition government. Copy and paste this letter or write one of your own. Send it along with your name and address to Michaëlle Jean. DO THIS NOW. It is essential that we show the governor general that there is massive support for this plan.

Send your message to:

Your Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean,

I am writing to encourage you to accept the proposal by M. Dion and Mr. Layton to form a coalition government in cooperation with M. Duceppe. The actions of Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party are motivated by a lust for power, not the best interests of the people of our country. I believe that the coalition — which duly represents the voices of 63% of Canadians — should be given the opportunity to form a government. I also do not think that an election is a prudent choice at this juncture. We need leadership and a cooperative process. I look forward to the days ahead with
hope; please act in the name of democracy and good government.

Best Regards,

Insert your full name and address.

2. Go to a rally in support of the coalition government.

On Saturday December 6th there are rallies right across the country. The Toronto rally will take place at the same time as a Conservative Rally at Queen’s Park. Don’t be confused by the Conservative rally at Queen’s Park. Pro Coalition people are gathering at NATHAN PHILLIPS SQUARE. Jack Layton and Stéphane Dion will be speaking at NATHAN PHILLIPS SQUARE. Musical guests will follow.

The Conservatives are using their own considerable resources and sympathetic media in an attempt to escape a confidence vote and maintain power. We must demonstrate that the majority of Canada’s citizens support the coalition by showing our numbers at rallies right across the country.

CLICK HERE for the time and location of pro -coalition rallies across the country:


3. Sign these petitions:

Canadians for a Progressive Coalition

4. Join these Facebook groups:

Canadians for a Progressive Coalition

Canadians United Against Stephen Harper

5. Copy/Paste this message and send it to everyone you know via Facebook and email:

This situation is unprecedented. It is imperative that you act. The massive cash advantage that the Conservatives have means there are people BEING PAID to write emails and messages supporting Harper’s cling to power across the country. At this moment, each action reverberates and makes a big difference.

In Solidarity,