Sunday, July 18, 2010


I'm not reading reviews this summer.

God, that feels terribly decadent and pleasurable to be able to say that. It's an incredibly self-indulgent pleasure to just perform for the audiences, and do the show, and not pay any attention to the reviewers. I got kind of obsessed in the last fringe tour I did - with Whiskey Bars, and the reviews - either good or bad - and god knows I had a lot of both - really started to affect the way I performed and my pleasure in the work, so this summer, I figured I'd just get up there and sing and let the audience tell me whether the show was good or bad...

But Lisa is keeping track for the files - and a thoughtful one came up, and they liked it, so I'll post the link here - I haven't read it, but apparently it gives a good idea of the show, and god knows I'm crap at describing my own work.... so here goes